Anonymous sent:

((Admin I wanted to ask if I could use hitman jones in an rp we're doing. I know no one else would be seeing it but I just felt like I should ask. =7= I love your blog btw, your amazing!))

((Sure I guess! I can’t stop you. Though if you are rping where people can see (like tumblr rp blog or Facebook) please credit this blog and put somewhere in your description that you’re not the me (the owlmin) rping as him ;) ))

hetaliaandother sent:

Say Admin, how did you come to this whole idea of making Alfred a Hitman & Such?

((Oh gosh an origin story! :D))

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Oh! I have an idea! Most killers can't don't really care who they kill? Maybe he's being haunted by the people he's killed and it's messing with him mentally? And he wants forgiveness for what he's done and knowing he can never gets that he just starts punishing himself.

((Hitman is a psychopath. He doesn’t care about the people he killed. At all. ))

Anonymous sent:

M!A because the mun wanted something like this: Alfred has been mentally broken by Ivan and is currently being held hostage by him for [insert however many asks here] asks. Mun is free to tweak and change at her discretion.

((Oh gosh I’m going to have to politely decline because I don’t want this to be mistaken for canon. It’s only going to be a mini series of sketches over on my art blog.))

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*whispers* what's ur gaia username

((whispers I’m “Hitman Jones” but before you send a friend request please PM me your URL thanks))

((I think the owl on gaia is hella cute))


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aww shittt better start repenting, boy