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((IN A WAY YES! Rat torture has been around since Elizabethan era.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ))

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I'm not sure if this has been asked, but I've been following for awhile, and I'm wondering, if Alfred / America/ is a hitman, and Arthur /England/ is an assassin(spy?) then who is Russia, Prussia, and the others?

((Russia is the head of the Russian mafia.
Prussia works for the American mafia and is Al’s partner/teacher

There will be more appearances from other factions including the Italian Mafia, the Chinese Triad, the police, and Al’s college friends

…. When I have the energy, inspiration, willpower to draw them because its in in my head for now.))

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- are we going to see the shaming things?

((eventually when I decide to tackle it because there’s 30 of them and I wanna do them in bulk. Probably in a livestream later today. ))

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I translated what gilbert has said and i got "doesn't have all his cups in his cabinet".

((German equivalent of doesn’t have all his marbles))

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What would Hitman do if he somehow magically wiped every human being in existence, besides himself?

(( be very very bored….))

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After all the things that Gilbert has done for him, would Alfred go out of his way for him? I don't expect him to do it out of love for the man, but is Gilbert someone Alfred still needs around?

((He’s saved Gilbert’s life plenty of times and even almost died once))


(( Official hiatus from Aug 2-10! ))

((He won’t be happy about it, obviously, but he wouldn’t stupidly fight against a hopeless situation. If he does find himself in such a situation, he would bide his time until a opportunity presents itself and take back control.))

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(( Was that an Addams Family reference?))